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What is Garmin Connect?

What is Garmin Connect?  Garmin Connect is a mobile application that offers you an integrated vision of your day-to-day sports activities. All your activities can be viewed on the interactive dashboards of Garmin that can be accessed either on your computer or mobile devices. Moreover, just by launching your application, you can monitor your weekly, monthly, or yearly averages of the health stats.  What are the functions performed by Garmin Connect?  With the help of Garmin Connect, you can fix the training schedule as per your preference and then forward it to your  Garmin update  device for the playback. In this way, you will come to know what activities you should perform during your workouts or performing any physical activity.  This application enables you to prepare our own customized courses that depend on your location.  It also provides you with the Garmin Coach that helps you plan your workouts or the daily activities that you need to be performed regularly