Garmin NuVi 265W/265WT Bluetooth GPS

The Garmin nüvi 265W/265WT Bluetooth GPS is  not the same as the earlier 200 models in providing  today’s time traffic updates.  In addition you can also   add  Bluetooth connection to your  cellular phones.

Besides, it gives faster satellite lock, includes a greater re-planned presentation screen with expanded details just as territory maps

A very attractive attribute is the helpful Text-to-Speech function, which means you get turn-by-turn voiced guidance using the actual names of streets (e.g. "turn right in 75 ft at Woodford Way", instead of simply "turn right in 75 ft").

Built-in Bluetooth will mean that you can very easily make calls using the nüvi's touchscreen keypad via a suitable bluetooth enabled phone. To answer an inbound call, simply touch the display screen and talk into the built-in microphone

(This can be a refurbished GPS. This typically indicates that the unit has been sent back to the maker, who after that takes it back to next to new. Some devices could have exterior imperfections.)


  • ·         Numerous users say that they're really pleased as far the essential purpose of the product goes, bringing you from A to B. Customers observe that road names are pronounced distinctly, that there's decent volume, it's easy to view (plenty of purchasers value the large display screen) and it is easy to operate.
  • ·         Customers state how the unit's reception is great (it receives satellites rapidly), with one person proclaiming that the 265w hadn't dropped reception even one time. The estimations with regard to arrival time usually are very precise, according to many reviewers. Customers have shown admiration for the live traffic update feature - This instantly updates your arrival time and hold up time as a result of traffic, and, if the traffic is seriously heavy - it will re-route you immediately. Some others emphasize the point that the item recalculates really quickly.
  • ·         A number of owners report that the Bluetooth is a great function, being simple to hook up and employ.
  • ·         Additional advantages range from the long battery life, really powerful windshield mount, to the simplicity of updating the software on the unit.


  • ·         A significant reason for grievance amongst purchasers would be that the map information is imperfect or out-of-date and that updates aren't cost-free (may be plus or minus €49) More than just one person has complained that this product regularly advises that it is about fifty ft off from where it really is which ends in the motorist being informed to turn on a road when by now in the intersection - far too late. Other people protest regarding getting advised to take non-existent exits. Should you choose to update the unit online, be aware that numerous customers have asserted the 265w in fact performed even worse subsequently.
  • ·         Numerous buyers believe that the recommended routing is frequently inadequate. Examples mentioned by customers include determining to route over ferries which are shut down during wintertime, selecting gravel roads as well as lengthier more obscure routes such as advocating a mountain route utilizing gravel roads instead of highway routes. It's going to work hard in an attempt to get you to make a U turn even though you can find suitable routes ahead.
  • ·         A number of people have mentioned frustration that the system usually doesn't tell the names of streets which are being approached. That is, if you're nearing a major road, the name of this road is not mentioned. Critiques also revealed that spoken directions and on-screen directions sometimes disagree.
  • ·         The traffic forewarning function also comes in for some serious criticism, typified by way of a person who stated that they travel in a major city area with some of the most severe traffic in the country, however to date this Garmin hasn't offered a single traffic alert/report on his or her unit.
  • ·         Much disappointment has been expressed over the Bluetooth feature. Several users say that their phone connects to the Garmin, and that it works until you turn the car off. However, they point out that the next time you drive the car, you have to connect the phone again. Others point out that not all Bluetooth enabled phones are supported by Garmin. In addition users complain about the unit's ability to transmit your voice (the person you are calling may not hear you all that well). The unit's loudspeaker also comes in for complaints, with many stating that the volume level is inadequate and that it sounds horrible in excess of 80% of capability.
  • ·         The Garmin nüvi 265W/265WT Bluetooth GPS is a streamlined, ultra-thin sat nav that will fit easily in your pocket. It offers an easy to read and simple to utilize wide touch-screen, names roads with thanks to the Text-to-speech function, and also facilitates Bluetooth wireless technology for hands-free phoning whenever combined with Bluetooth-enabled cellular phones. Manufacturer refurbished models are available at a truly inexpensive price.


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