How to Download & Install Garmin BaseCamp on Windows PC

 Garmin is a renowned American multinational company that provides worldwide users with innovative technology. It offers a wide range of GPS products for automotive, aviation, etc. Garmin BaseCamp is GIS software used in the Garmin GPS devices. It provides users with several excellent features to help them view maps, plan their routes, and mark their waypoints. Along with this, it also allows users to create geotagged photos and transfer their images to mobile devices. It also allows users to email their photos to other users. Apart from this, all the users can easily download and install the BaseCamp software on their Windows PCs or Mac. Moreover, to make it easier for all the users, we have given the step-by-step procedure to download and install the software on Windows PC. 

Steps to download Garmin BaseCamp on Windows PC

In this section, we mentioned a detailed procedure to download the Garmin BaseCamp on Windows PC. Thus, all Windows users can download the software quickly by following the below steps:-

  • First of all, open any preferred web browser. 
  • After this, enter “” in the browser’s address bar. 
  • Now, the official page of the Garmin BaseCamp will open on the screen. 
  • Here, the users should search for the two downloading options, including for Windows and Mac devices. 
  • After this, the users are required to tap on the download link given for the Windows Pc. 
  • Now, the users have to wait until the download gets completed. They can close the download window once the file is downloaded completely.   

Thus, the users can easily download the Garmin BaseCamp on their Windows PCs using the steps mentioned above. 

How to install Garmin BaseCamp on Windows PC

After downloading the Garmin BaseCamp file on their Windows devices, the users are now required to install the file into their devices. Thus, to help the users out with the installation, we have listed the steps to install this on Windows PC:-

  • First, locate the downloaded file on the PC and double tap on it. 
  • After this, a pop-up box will appear on the screen asking for the users’ agreement to run the application on the device. 
  • Thus, the users should click on the “YES” option. 
  • After this, click on the “Next” button. 
  • Now, this software licensing window will appear on the screen. 
  • Note: all the users must read the document carefully. After reading the software licensing document, the users should click the checkbox. 
  • Then, tap on the “Next” option to proceed with the installation process of Garmin BaseCamp on Windows PC. 
  • The users can press the “Exit” button once the installation is completed. 

After following all the steps mentioned above, the users can successfully install the BaseCamp file on their Windows PC. 


This write-up included the necessary information about the Garmin BaseCamp software. In this blog, we discussed the steps to download and install the Garmin Basecamp on Windows PCs. Thus, all the Windows users who want to use the software on their PC can download and install it straightforwardly using the procedures mentioned above. Moreover, the users are advised to visit the official website to download the Garmin Express.


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