Portable Car GPS Review: Garmin Nuvi 1300

Moderate GPS gadgets like the Garmin nuvi 1300LM look alluring to individuals that have never utilized a GPS gadget yet. Yet, taking into the way that more extravagant midrange and top of the line Garmin gadgets exist, the Garmin nuvi 1300LM can be a lovely dangerous bet. Luckily, Garmin keeps a portion of the fundamental highlights in their spending gadgets. Since this is likewise essential for the LM arrangement, this Garmin nuvi 1300 gadget has a ton of life to bring to the table.

Product Overview

Albeit some key highlights are forfeited in the Garmin nuvi 1300LM, the plan and development isn't one of them. It has a similar 4.3-inch show that numerous other Garmin nuvi gadgets have and it has that slight profile so it is not difficult to heft around on the off chance that some foot route is required. The showcase is made of similar material as different shows so its perceivability under direct daylight stays clear. It is likewise viable with large numbers of the mounts, pull cups, and travel adornments which is decent for clients that might need to purchase better quality adaptation later on.

Product  Features

Garmin concocted an exceptionally basic interface so it can run on a wide range of Garmin Nuvi gadgets. The exertion has paid off in light of the fact that currently low-end gadgets like the Garmin nuvi 1300LM can bring the very the experience that top-of-the-line clients appreciate. The menu screen couldn't have been less difficult to interface with only two symbols taking the vast majority of the screen's land. These enormous symbols are both simple to see and simple to press so first-time clients shouldn't have an issue in utilizing this specific gadget interestingly.

The "Where to?" symbol raises a straightforward advance by-measure that manages the driver in arranging a brisk course. It is just about as basic as entering in a specific objective or focal point and the gadget will wrap up in appropriately figuring the course. The Garmin nuvi 1300LM has pretty much similar number of focal points as different gadgets delivered in late 2010. Notwithstanding these 6 million POIs, the gadget permits you to add custom ones without any problem. It likewise tosses in a pleasant reward permitting you to download the most recent guide refreshes 4 times each year. These guide refreshes are free and endure forever which is a fabulous arrangement for a spending gadget.

You can get a thought on what sorts of focal points appear by utilizing the other huge symbol which is the "View Map" alternative. This choice takes you straightforwardly to the guide where you can see your present position. The guide can be seen in 2-D or 3-D and Garmin nuvi 1300LM works really hard in delivering the beautiful illustrations. The guide can be openly zoomed in and out utilizing the touch controls so encompassing territory and rise levels can be seen. Finger swiping can be down to go to different screens of the guide.


The Garmin nuvi 1300LM gets the worst part of the deal with regards to route contrasted with other Garmin nuvi gadgets yet it actually has HotFix satellite expectation which makes this gadget exact in ascertaining position. It can likewise figure courses in light of negligible fuel utilization. This component is known as ecoRoute and it concocts an extraordinary course that can get a good deal on fuel. It has a fuel use counter to see precisely how the reserve funds add up if this element is utilized oftentimes.


A clever discretionary element is the cityXplorer content which can be downloaded on the off chance that public travel alternatives should be thought of. This element features explicit zones where it is OK to walk or affirm to sit tight for a transport, cable car, or metro.

Some other pleasant highlights are packed into this spending gadget including a world travel clock and number cruncher. Notwithstanding fundamental figuring, an estimation converter and money converter are tossed in also. Because of the presence of a microSD card space, any photographs inside the microSD card can be seen utilizing the JPEG picture watcher.


Garmin has as of late reported some new models however the lifetime map refreshes make this spending gadget still worth getting and the UI doesn't baffle.


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